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Praise for Preemptive

In Preemptive, Douglas Grant crafts contrasting yet parallel stories that convey how the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, affected two troubled, young men. It is a stunning, debut novel that is equal parts history lesson and human drama. The interwoven tales explore both the historical conflict and pain that provoked the attack on America — and the conflict and pain that it caused.

The author artfully binds the events of two lives from different cultures separated by half the world. Its characters convey real emotion, tumult, honor and humanity. Told with authenticity, objectivity and great suspense, “Preemptive” has well researched settings and situations that vividly capture the moods, motivations and textures of its times and places.

The chapters that chronicle the Soviet-Afghan war soar with gripping, three-dimensional storytelling, but the book is more than a war story. It is a reflective parable that demonstrates the destructive power of prejudice, the foibles and fortunes of family, the maturity in accountability, and the healing optimism of hope — a coming-of-age story in an age of numbing uncertainty, political anxiety and youthful indifference.

-Michael Price, U-T San Diego (formerly The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Praise for Imaginary Lines

Imaginary Lines is a historical suspense thriller that asks readers the question, “How well do we really know those closest to us?” It is a tale of friendship and loyalty turned bitter after external conflicts arouse suspicions and perpetuate paranoia. The reader will ask him or herself whether we should take what we see of human nature at face value and hope for the best, or assume the worst.
                                                                                                                                  -Christopher Rockwell, Across the Margin


Douglas Grant is a regular contributor at Across the Margin