Imaginary Lines

imaginarylines3Kyle Conway is about to make a breakthrough for Conway Brothers Construction Co. –  a long sought after opportunity for a major real estate score. His wife and two boys will prosper, his brother-partner will do the same. And the Conways are delighted that friend and business colleague, Mauricio Solares, will have the chance to rise higher in society than other Mexican immigrants trying to realize the American Dream.

Yes, Kyle, a bit rough around the edges but a good guy at heart, is happy for Mauricio; but his proclivity for careless, insensitive remarks about or in front of his Mexican friend, causes Cynthia Conway to chastise him repeatedly, a fact that leads to frequent verbal clashes between them. He bristles at suggestions of mistreatment. She wants to enlighten her husband and to preserve the warm friendship that the Conways have enjoyed with the Solares family.

Is there a legitimate cause – perhaps beneath the surface – for tension, or is it a result of imaginations being overwrought? That question becomes critical when a vacation visit to Mexico intended to offer the Conways an opportunity for celebration and a strengthening of their marriage turns into a horror show, one that compounds suspicions and tension. Their journey south of the border turns relaxation  and optimism into terror and the possibility for tragedy.